Disneyland Paris can sometimes get a bad reputation within Disney Parks. Both parks at Disneyland Paris have had bad press in regards to attendance and financials but I really enjoyed my visit earlier in the year and will continue to visit for years to come.

The biggest issue the parks have is that a lot of the attractions feel dated, especially for guests used to the likes of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris have already done a lot this year to try and change that and it would seem the focus for the next couple of years is going to be to continue to improve on existing attractions as well as adding brand new experiences to the Parks. In short, there is a major renovation programme under way at both parks and some of the changes are pretty exciting!

This handy video gives a breakdown of the work already completed and work planned in the future:

I have broken the improvements out by attraction below for ease. Keep in mind that a lot of these are changes that haven’t yet begun:

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Phase 1 – Completed

This included:

  • Repainting the attraction
  • Refurbishing special effects
  • Adding Single Rider line

Phase 2 – 2017

  • Redesigned attraction vehicles


Disney have already completed work on this. Changes are:

  • Upgraded stage and interiors package
  • Repainting and refurbishing of exterior
  • New Jedi Training Academy show

It’s A Small World

Changes are currently in progress on It’s a Small World and the attraction is due to reopen on December 19. The list of changes:

  • Refurbishment and new colour palette for façade
  • New dolls throughout attraction (some of these will come later in 2016)
  • Refreshed lighting, audio and show scenes

Big Thunder Mountain

This attraction needed a lot of work (it went down multiple times during the day all week when I was there in July) and the attraction will be shut until late 2016 to add:

  • General refurbishment and repainting of the mountain and critters
  • Replanting and trimming of wilderness landscaping
  • An explosive finale to the ride

The explosive finale sounds really interesting and I am excited to see what Disney do here!

La Cabane Des Robinson

Disney will be refurbishing and repainting the tree and restoring special effects.

Peter Pan’s Flight

  • Renovation of lighting
  • Repainting of the attraction


Disney are going to be adding a brand new show to this location. As one of my favourite shows in Disneyland Paris it will be interesting to see what Disney come up with next!

Star Tours

All Disney have said here is that it will be an innovative and exciting new experience with news to come on the change in the future. My guess is that they are finally going to be bringing the attraction up to date with the versions elsewhere in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic

  • New and revised show scenes from favourite hit films

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • New special effects
  • Refurbished lighting
  • New audio and animation
  • Unannounced additional surprises coming soon

There is a whole heap of information to digest right there but one things for sure, Disneyland Paris are committed to their guests and the changes laid out above are certainly going to bring up the standards of the park once again. Let’s hope these changes continue to drive guests in and the parks start to make a generous profit!

What are your thoughts on the changes being made to the parks?