Today Disneyland Paris finally confirmed when the 25th anniversary celebrations will begin and what guests can expect to see as the park turns 25 in 2017.

Beginning on 26th March 2017 Disneyland Paris will begin its celebrations with a whole host of new experiences for guests to enjoy. While some of these experiences are new it is a shame to see Disneyland Paris playing catch-up with some of the other Disney Parks with some of these experiences.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris concept art

If you have been on the reinvented attraction present at both Disneyland or Walt Disney World you will already be familiar with this attraction. Disneyland is finally getting rid of the ageing Star Tours attraction (having closed earlier this year) and is updating to the new 3D format with each experience being different.

While this attraction has already been done, Star Wars fans who haven’t experienced the refresh in other parks are in for a real treat when this opens on the 26th March next year.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Star Wars Space Mountain Disneyland Paris concept art

Again, sadly not a new concept but Space Mountain at the Disneyland Park will be receiving a Star Wars makeover in 2017 similar to that of the Disneyland makeover that occurred earlier this year.

Follow the Rebel Alliance as they battle Tie Fighters and a Star Destroyer in this overlay to the attraction. It will be pretty interesting to see how Disney handles this what with the attraction being very different to the one in California.

Disney Stars on Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade Dragon

This brand new parade will also debut in 2017 and although will contain original music and floats, it appears that Disney will be borrowing from successful Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom in WDW with the introduction of Maleficent dragon float.

Two New Daytime Shows

Starlit Princess Waltz

The first show entitled Mickey presents “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris” will involve Mickey Mouse getting as many as his friends as possible together at the Disneyland Park for a huge anniversary party and will be shown daily.

Disney are also going to be showing the Starlit Princess Waltz on the Royal Castle Stage where Disney Princesses will be hosting their very own show. It is great to see Disney bringing the Princesses together in their own show as their meet and greets are always packed at the parks!

Disney Illuminations

Disney Illuminations Disneyland Paris concept art

While not very original in its naming (Reflections of Earth anyone?) this new nighttime show will use projections, lights and special effects to create something truly special onto Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Conducted by Mickey Mouse himself, the show will show moments from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen (surprise, surprise). While the show does share its name with Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, this is an entirely new show and looks to utilise new technology not seen before at Disneyland Paris.

So while a lot of the new attractions and shows have either been seen before in a Disney Park or have borrowed elements from other Disney Parks, I think Disneyland Paris 25 is set to be a pretty awesome celebration, especially if you haven’t been to the Disney Parks in the US. What are your thoughts?