Disneyland Paris seems to constantly being at the centre of attention for bad press when it comes to Disney Parks which is a real shame as it contains two fantastic parks and I was there at the beginning of this month enjoying them both!

In fact, I took this awesome photo earlier this month:

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Paris

However, reports are flying in that Disneyland Paris are taking part in illegal ticketing activity by restricting certain price promotions to people from select countries and restricting access to these deals to people mainly from the UK, Italy and Germany.

A report by the Financial Times suggests that guests from these areas could be paying up to 15% more for a day pass into the parks.

On top of this it was reported by the BBC that:

“In some cases French consumers were paying €1,346 for a premium package, while British visitors were charged €1,870 and Germans €2,447.”

A number of complaints have been received which has led to the investigation. The issue is simply that under the European Commission it is illegal to stop people from being able to shop around for the best deal available.

As an example, if a British holidaymaker went to a French website and found a better deal for Disneyland Paris only to realise they couldn’t then do this because they needed to own a French credit card.

Due to these complaints, the French government are now investigating the matter.

Disney have stated that the price of a standard ticket is the same across the European Union but they may run different promotions for seasonal events such as the school holidays. Notice the select wording used here… “standard ticket”.

Hopefully this will get sorted relatively quickly as Disneyland Paris is a truly fantastic resort and doesn’t need any more issues or controversies holding it back. I am all for making pricing fairer (especially considering I am a UK resident).

Let us know what you think of the possible pricing issues that DLP are currently facing in the comments below!