While the first thing I think about when I visit Walt Disney World isn’t food, it is certainly in my top 3 and I can’t say I have ever really had a bad experience when it comes to the food that it is on offer at the resort. Already Disney have got some of the best chefs in the world onboard to create new experience for each of the dining locations around the resort and this is set to improve further with the introduction of  new flavor lab in October.

What is the Flavor Lab?

The flavor lab is a new state of the art research and development facility dedicated to all things food related at the Walt Disney World Resort. The new lab is going to be massive and will be 7,000 square feet of culinary goodness when it opens in October.

The focus at least initially is to assist in creating new preparation methods for good, better product packaging and general improvements that can be made throughout the resort so expect to see the results of the new lab roll out across Walt Disney World in the coming months ahead.

Of course the other part of this new lab is to assist in coming up with new dishes and drinks for the restaurants in Walt Disney World and it is fantastic to see just how much of an effort Disney is putting towards this, expect to see crazier and tastier creations at events like the Food and Wine Festival in the years ahead as a result of this!


What do you think of this new Flavor Lab and what would you want to see in terms of improvements on food and beverages in Walt Disney World, let us know in the comments!