In what seems like quite a bizarre move from Disney, they have started to roll out refillable resort mugs without handles at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. A promise that these will soon be rolling out across all other Walt Disney World resorts has also been given.

Walt Disney World Resort refillable mugs without handles

Photo credit: WDWinfo

Disney don’t seem to be giving any reason as to why this change has occurred but a lot of people are commenting that this makes it easier for them to fit into a cup holder in a car or stroller.

Personally I find it quite unlikely that Disney would have gotten significant guest feedback to remove the handles from these mugs. Considering I struggle with just two or three with handles, I can’t imagine having to carry more than two without handles!

Families in particular with lots of children are really going to suffer as a result of this change. If I were in charge I would have given guests the option of handle vs no handle to make sure a move like this wouldn’t upset either party.

The cynical person inside says that the real reason Disney has done this is to stop people from taking them outside of the resorts and to the park (more money spent on drinks inside the park) and perhaps the handles cost more to make (though granted I may be stretching here). Either way I think this is a bad idea.

The price of these mugs ($17.99) remains the same, for now.

What are your thoughts on the removal of handles from the resort mugs?