Next week Disney are running trials on a new one day quick service dining plan that operates in a similar fashion to those found at both Universal and SeaWorld.

The new service, named Disney Dine-on-the-Go will begin on January 12th and will run (for now) until February 22nd.

The plan comes at a cost of $29 for adults and $12 for kids ages between 3-9. Disney Dine-on-the-Go comes with one quick service lunch and one quick service dinner (including a non-alcoholic beverage) at the Magic Kingdom and is available to all guests. To repeat, this is not a Disney Dining Plan that requires guests to stay onsite at the resort.

Disney has stated that the following quick service restaurants will be included within the plan:

  • Casey’s Corner
  • Columbia Harbour House
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Pinocchio Village Haus

In terms of value for money, if you go for the more expensive menu items then you will end up better off choosing this package above purchasing two quick service meals. Of course Disney are banking on the majority of guests not doing this. As always, my advice is to choose the most expensive option you can have to make the most of this plan.

Guests will need to order lunch before 4pm and dinner after 4pm to take advantage of the Disney Dine-on-the-Go, no substitutes or doubling up and having both at the same time.

This is one additional option that I am not against at Walt Disney World, certainly worthy of a trial and if order expensive you will end up better off.

The plan is available for purchase from any of the Magic Kingdom Vacation Planning booths starting on the 12th.

What are your thoughts on the new Disney Dine-on-the-Go plan?