With Season of the Force already kicking off in California, fans of Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios in particular were told that they needed to wait until December 1st before the park went into Season of the Force.

While it is true that Star Wars Launch Bay, Path of the Jedi and revamped Jedi Training Academy show are still due to open on that date, the additional scene from Star Wars The Force Awakens has been added to the Star Tours ride ahead of that date and can be experienced right now by riding the attraction, something I will be doing later this week!

At the moment the scene from the Force Awakens is part of everyone’s experience of the attraction and will not be randomised with every other scene for a few months.

The guys at Inside the Magic have already captured the scene if you wish to watch it:

So you don’t have to wait until December 1 to see new Star Wars additions at Hollywood Studios, just go ride Star Tours!