Considering how pricey Walt Disney World can be when you consider the park tickets, food, drink and merchandise I have always found it bit strange that Disney charge so much to allow you to park your vehicle at one of the theme parks.

Well it would seem that Disney know that people simply have to pay to get in and have communicated a $3 price increase across the board that is already in effect.

The cost of parking a vehicle is now for reference:

  • Cars and Motorcycles $20
  • Campers and Trailers $22
  • Bus and Tractor Trailer $25
  • Resort Valet parking is now $25

I guess in a way it makes some sense to round parking up to $20 for most people considering as this is now a simple note to hand over and Disney don’t have to worry about giving $3 change every time but still, $20 just for parking is incredibly pricey!

Of course there are two main ways to get around the cost of parking at Walt Disney World:

  • Staying on property at one of the Walt Disney World hotels allows for free parking
  • Having an annual pass also allows for free parking at the parks


What do you think of these price increases across the board for parking at Walt Disney World?