Today Disney announced two pretty big additions to the FastPass offering at the Disneyland Resort. The announcements include two new additions and the introduction of Disney MaxPass. First, onto the two additions…

Two New Attraction Additions

When FastPass was first introduced at Disneyland in 1999, just four attractions were available on the system, right now we are at 14 but this is all about to change…

Disney are adding Toy Story Mania and Matterhorn Bobsleds to the FastPass system and though we don’t have an exact date for this yet, it is great to see Disney adding these two incredibly popular attractions into the mix.

Disney MaxPass

So here’s the curveball, Disney MaxPass.

Disney MaxPass seems to be a  strange combination of PhotoPass and the FastPass system that Walt Disney World has, at a cost. MaxPass will allow for unlimited downloads of PhotoPass images as well as the mobile booking and redemption of FastPasses at Disneyland. This will be achieved by using the Disneyland App though for some bizarre reason Disney has decided that this will come at a cost of $10 per day.

Annual Passholders will have the additional option of being able to purchase MaxPass on a yearly basis.

Now understandably Disney want to charge for the unlimited download of images from PhotoPass, I just cant understand why they bucketed the mobile booking of FastPasses into this cost rather than offering this for free as is done in Walt Disney World on the My Disney Experience App.

To make things clear, free FastPasses will still be available via the physical kiosks dotted around the parks, Disney are just making mobile booking a paid for service.

Maybe its just me, but this seems like another move in a series of greedy moves from Disney, in order to make an extra buck out of guests that have already paid a small fortune to enter the park.

Great news on the additional attractions being added to FastPass, not so great news on Disney MaxPass, what are your thoughts?