Disney have raised the prices of annual passes at both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort quite significantly. This adds to the parking increases mentioned in my post yesterday.

Walt Disney World annual pass increases

Disney are introducing Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus passes at the Walt Disney World Resort and these replace the old annual passes that were named, seasonal, annual, premium and premium plus.

This is what each pass will sell for and get you for your money:

  • Silver Pass is $414.29 includes blockout dates below as well as dates in June and August
  • Gold Pass is $584.69 and includes blockout dates including key Christmas/New Year both 2015/16 and Spring 2017
  • Platinum Pass is $797.69 and allows you to visit the parks every day of the year and includes Photopass downloads
  • Platinum Pass Plus is $882.89 and includes water parks, ESPN and Oak Trail gold course greens fees

To give you an indication of price increases, the old Annual Pass which is almost the same as the new Platinum Pass used to sell for $696.61 so thats almost a $100 increase!

Disneyland Resort annual pass increases

Disneyland are getting rid of the Premium Annual Passes and adding Signature and Signature Plus into the mix.

Here are the increases for the Disneyland Resort:

  • SoCal Select Pass is now $329 (previously $299)
  • Deluxe Pass is now $599 (previously $549)
  • Signature Annual Pass is $849 and has dates blocked out over the Christmas period for around two weeks
  • Signature Plus Pass is $1,049 and has no blocked out dates\

Both signature passes include PhotoPass downloads.

While I can understand prices increase on an annual basis, these price increases seem to be a little unfair given the majority of people who have annual passes are the people that love Disney the most. It is especially unfair when you think just how well both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are doing and the fact that both resorts are not adding many new attractions in 2016 (Disneyland is actually removing attractions!).

What are your thoughts on the new pricing structure of annual passes at Walt Disney World and Disneyland?