What a whirlwind of emotions I am feeling right now for my favourite theme park. Let’s talk through all of the changes announced at D23 coming to Epcot.

Guardians of the Galaxy Replacing Ellen

Ellen’s Energy Adventure will be closing forever on August 13, 2017 to make way for a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction at the park.

Though we don’t have many details just yet, we do know that the attraction is very much becoming part of Epcot as Peter Quill reportedly enjoyed visiting the park when he was a kid on Earth. Here is some photo evidence:

Ratatouille Coming to France in World Showcase

Disney has confirmed that the incredible Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris will be coming to the French Pavilion at World Showcase.

Mission Space Updates

Mission Space is apparently set to reopen next month with a brand new Green Team mission for guests to enjoy!

In addition to this, Disney are opening a brand new space themed restaurant. This new restaurant, which will be located adjacent to the park’s Mission: SPACE attraction, will invite guests to travel into space for amazing dining experiences in the stars!

China Receiving Update

Not too many details on this but we did find out that the China Pavilion 

There was no word on what would be happening with Figment as fans were speculating its closure but Bob Chapek and the team promised that these announcements were merely the beginning of whats to come to Epcot in the future!


All of these changes are happening in time for the 50th anniversary in 2021 and as an Epcot fan I am incredibly excited!