Virtual Reality has already started to creep into parks across the world, seemingly with only some of the big players like Disney and Universal not having experimented much with the technology in attractions yet.


In a recent Theme Park Barometer conducted by Omnico, 65% of park guests over the last 2 years, expect to see some form of virtual reality at all theme parks within 3 years.

This did come as a surprise to me given the reaction to VR on theme park attractions right now. This is largely due to the fact that the technology has been unreliable, difficult to put on (especially on a fast turnaround rollercoaster) and has made some guests feel sick.

I have to admit, I was incredibly dubious about virtual reality until I picked up Playstation VR after trying out a friends who had already purchased it. While I will admit, there are a couple of games that made me feel sick initially, after getting my brain used to the fact that I wasn’t actually moving, the experience is superb. Better yet, my glasses wearing friends are also able to wear the headset comfortably and have the same experience, something that I have heard concerns over from guests experiencing VR attractions at theme parks.

In short, if theme parks can make a VR attraction that is comfortable, doesn’t result in long lines due to the slow transition and is built from the ground-up to be an engrossing virtual reality experience, I am all for it.

What are your thoughts on virtual reality at theme parks, are you excited to see more attractions embrace the technology?