Join us this week as we go international with news from here in the UK as well as Disneyland Shanghai, Universal Japan, Disneyland, Walt Disney World and more!

Show notes:

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park

We chat through our thoughts on the confirmed opening date of May 6th and discuss at length the technology being used in the attraction and what it could mean for future theme park attractions around the world.

More on the opening of Ghost Train on my post here.

Shanghai Disneyland new Park Photos

The opening day of June 16 is getting ever closer and considering Shanghai Disneyland went and revealed a load of new photos from the park this week we thought we would chat through our thoughts on what we think of the new photos of the attractions revealed so far. Keep an eye out for a Shanghai Disneyland dedicated show in the near future!

You can view the new Shanghai Disneyland photos here.

Walt Disney World to add a $15 nightly fee?

We talk through the survey that was sent round by Disney last week that was asking people their opinions on the introduction of a nightly $15 resort fee that would cover things like MagicBands, FastPass+ and being able to use it 60 days in advance, Disney’s Magical Express and more (essentially all of the things guests are getting now for free). We both agreed the fee was a bit mental but also agreed that at this stage it is just a survey and that people didn’t need to panic too much until Disney announced anything official.

Universal Studios Japan and a Nintendo Land

Although rumours at this stage, we discuss our thoughts on why it makes a lot of sense for Universal to announce a Nintendo themed land at their Japanese park before announcing anything at Universal Orlando.

More on that rumour here.

Disney Introduces StoryMaker at It’s A Small World

Disney have begun to roll out elements of the interactive element of MyMagic+, StoryMaker, at the Magic Kingdom. When guests are at the end of the ride at It’s A Small World their names will now appear in a personalised goodbye message on a television screen. We chat through our thoughts on this and how this compares to E.T at Universal Studios Orlando and what this could mean next for StoryMaker.

Second Starbucks Location to Open at Downtown Disney in Disneyland (Ryan’s Starbucks Rant)

Disney have announced that a second Starbucks location is to open up at Downtown Disney at Disneyland. We discuss our thoughts on this and Starbucks as a whole at Disney Parks where I go off on a bit of a rant…

More on the opening of Starbucks at Downtown Disney here.

Joy and Sadness coming to Epcot Character Spot

We chat through our thoughts on the two Inside Out characters coming to Epcot and discuss the potential for adding in the other emotions to the park.

More on the Joy and Sadness character meet and greet.

Purple MagicBands!

That’s right, fans of the previously elusive purple MagicBands can now choose the colour when selecting MagicBands to have when either checking in or getting them delivered to your home before you arrive at Walt Disney World.

We chat through what this could mean for future MagicBand colours as well as what our thoughts are on the purple colour.

More on purple MagicBands here.

Wait Zootopia isn’t called Zootopia in the UK?

It was news to us that Zootopia is being branded as Zootropolis here in the UK. We discuss our thoughts on why this could be, I struggle to say Zootropolis and refuse to call it anything other than Zootopia.

Captain America Civil War Trailer 02 reactions!

We end the podcast this week with us discussing our reactions to the Civil War trailer and I go a bit mental (in a good way) about seeing Spider-Man in a MCU movie at last!

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