With the success of Minnie Vans at Walt Disney World as a premium way for guests to travel between hotels and the parks it would seem that Disney have now taken the service to the next level.

The service will only operate in taking guests to the airport (no pick-ups unfortunately) and will be available between 9am-12am.

Sounds great right? The reality is, the cost of just this single trip to the airport is $150. Yes, you are reading that correctly, $150.

Considering Disney’s Magical Express is a free service that offers the same level of service, I am astounded at how expensive this service is for a single journey to the airport.

Even comparing against an UberXL you are talking $44-54 which means Disney are adding another $100 because it has a few spots on it.

I get that there are some people (with too much money than sense) who would take this trip but in my opinion Disney has taken things too far this time. Currently this is being tested at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Would you be interested in a one way trip to MCO for $150?