Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is always worth going to on an annual basis simply because each year they manage to mix things up and add new houses to the event. This year is no different with the Freddy VS Jason house already announced as well as a return from Jack the Clown:

Universal have just announced that Insidious will be joining Halloween Horror Nights 25 and is set to include moments from all three movies in the trilogy. Scenes confirmed to already be in the house include:

  • The Lambert family Victorian home in the middle of a seance
  • “The Further” – travel into the supernatural realm that houses tormented spirits
  • Encounters with spirits and demons like the Woman in Black and the Red-Faced Demon

The announcement trailer from Universal:

With several more houses yet to be revealed, this years Halloween Horror Nights is already looking to be a fantastic event. I will be in Orlando around the time of the Halloween Horror Nights, it is just a case of whether or not I am man enough to go!

Let us know in the comments what you think of the announced houses so far and if you are attending the this years event.